GSTgear Product Series

GSTgear has designed and developed 3 product series with different focus areas.
In the future, many products will be launched in these series.

The Explorer series:
The Explorer series are products that meet the needs of those who wants to start exploring the outdoors, and do not necessarily want to invest large amounts.
We therefore have the Explorer series, the products in this series covers all needs with basic functionality, and are more affordable products to start exploring nature with.
The Explorer series is for those who wants to start exploring the outdoors.

The Seeker series:
The Seeker series is our designs with unique functionality and high quality.
This series is products that have been developed for long trips over longer distances so that the equipment must have lower weight, smaller packing volume, high quality and you must be able to trust that the equipment works as intended every day.
The Seeker is the series for you who are going on longer expeditions.

The Comfort series:
The Comfort series is our design with premium products that were previously sold by another company under the brand Gstove, we have now launched upgraded editions and these and future products will be launched under our own brand GSTgear under the comfort series.
The Comfort series has been designed and developed by GSTgear to increase comfort when you are out on a trip in the outdoors, regardless of the season.
This series focuses on innovative solutions and functionality, as well as premium quality that lasts year after year.
Our stoves in the comfort series therefore have a lifetime warranty.
The Comfort series is for you who are out in nature all year round and want warmth and comfort.