GSTgear Heat View Camping Stove

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GSTgear Heat View camping stove with lifetime warranty has now been upgraded.

The globally popular camping stoves with their high efficiency and wide range of unique functional accessories, now introduce updated version which brings heat view to the next level and ensures you have high comfort and enjoyment all year round.


GSTgear Heat View Highlights:

**Lifetime warranty

**Made in europe

**Telescopic legs for increased stability with 3 integrated adjustments.

**New and improved pipe top hat.

**800 Celsius glass in door.

**New chimney system for increased efficiency.

**Unique serial number that can be used in the GSTgear Loyalty Program.

**Updated logo.

**Carrying handle/Drying rack that does not get hot during use.

**Unique functional accessories.

**Small and compact with high efficiency.

GSTgear Heat View has large space for wood, burns cleanly with high efficiency and has a long burning time, GSTgear camping stoves can also be upgraded in usability, power, and burning time with accessories, all accessories are now also upgraded.

GSTgear Heat View is manufactured in Stainless Steel 304, which provides fast heating and high efficiency, and can be used in all tents.

**Elevated combustion chamber:
We have an elevated combustion chamber at the back of our stoves which creates an increased combustion that burns cleanly and provides high efficiency.

**Door with glass window:
The door is equipped with a glass window that can withstand up to 800 celcius, which also provides bright light that creates a good atmosphere and comfort inside the tent all day and night.
With a glass window, you will easily be able to keep track of when you need to add more firewood and then keep optimal efficiency and heat at all times.

The door is equipped with an air intake that is easily adjusted.
Even when air intake is closed, the door maintains minimal airflow, which ensures that the stove always has enough draft to prevent the backflow of smoke and is thus safer to use.

The door can easily be lifted off when you pack down the stove when it is warm and want to shake out all the ash or residue.

Previous version Heat View could be back heavy with many accessories fitted, this has now been improved with new telescopic legs.
The new telescopic legs can be easily adjusted during use at 3 levels so that the stove always stands safely and stable, no matter how many accessories you use or the wind and weather conditions outside the tent.
The telescopic legs are easily folded under the stove when the stove is not in use and ensure that it is stable during transport.

The GSTgear Heat View chimney system has been upgraded, which gives the stoves and accessories even higher efficiency and opportunities for new unique accessories that will be released in the future in addition to already released accessories.

The chimney sections are placed inside the stove and are therefore small and compact when the stove is not in use or during transport.

Extra sections can be bought if you need an even taller chimney for your tent.

**Ash grate/Ash scraper:
Inside the stove you will find an included ash grate which can easily be removed if you want to use large logs in the evening for increased burn time.

The ash grate ensures that the stove burns efficiently and that all wood burns up into fly ash that easily can be scraped out from under the ash grate with the included ash scraper.

**Handle/Drying rack:
GSTgear Heat View has foldable handles that do not conduct heat or get hot, the stove can therefore be packed away even when the stove is hot by lifting the handles up and easily carrying the stove out of the tent.

The handles fold out when the stove is in use and can be used as a drying rack and relief for kettles.

**Lifetime guarantee/Quality control:
GSTgear stoves are designed and developed to last year after year, we have a high quality control of each and every stove and accessory that is manufactured, from start to finish and a final inspection before dispatched to customers.

All our products are of the highest quality, since the start in 2006, a number of small enhancements have been made to make the GSTgear Heat View one of the best in the global market.

It is due to the design, manufacturing process and choice of material that we can provide the life time warranty. 

We continuously work on improving all our products which has given us a high level of knowledge on functionality and efficiency since development began in 2006.

Each stove that has passed quality control has a unique serial number to guarantee your lifetime warranty.

**Serial number:
All our GSTgear products have unique serial numbers that are on each and every GSTgear product, this allows us to trace each and every product back to which production run, quality control, warehouse handling and also to which customer has received this product.

This gives us a high level of control and ensures that we can easily contact the right customer if necessary, as well as ensuring that you as a customer can be sure that the product is not a potentially dangerous copy of our popular products.


Before use, read through our user manual here:

USER MANUAL (Soon available)

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