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Welcome to GSTgear

GSTgear is currently working on setting up a new production location, will be out of stock until this is finished. Check News for updates.

About us

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About us in GSTgear:

GSTgear is a Norwegian company that since 2006 has designed and developed quality products for the outdoors under own and other brands, the most known brand we have designed is the brand called Gstove.

History behind the GSTgear and Gstove brand.

In 2006 we started development of a new and unique type of camping stove that became globally popular.
In 2007 we established the first company and started development and testing of the stove that we called Gstove.

The first design Gstove was 27 kg heavy so we developed round legs to be able to drag it after us in the outdoors.
Over the next years we tested metal types, chimney diameter, airflow and efficiency, and lowering the size and weight.
In 2013 the Gstove was 9kg and ready for release.
In 2013-2015 the Gstove brand was sold by a company in Norway.
In 2015 the Gstove brand started to become popular so we let another company sell and distribute the Gstove brand, this company was called Gstove and only sold our designs.
In 2016 we established the company GSTgear and moved over designs from the first company with focus on running all deveopment and designs under one company (GSTgear).
In 2020 we started the design and development process of our 3 new series of products to be released under the GSTgear brand.
In 2022 the company Gstove went bankrupt and we then decided to upgrade the Gstove design and take it under the GSTgear brand in the comfort series.
In 2023 GST Global AS company was established and will handle all designa nd developments of products under the GSTgear brand, GSTgear AS company will focus on compensations and Gstove products.
GST Global AS is currently working on establishing new production location for fast delivery and upgraded and new products.

Company information:
GSTgear AS company has now established same production as Gstove had and will gradually change logo to GSTgear.
GST Global AS company will continue development of new products, upgrades and development of all products that will be released under the GSTgear brand forward and will be available in this website for purchase in the time forward and has its own production location that currently is under building.
These products will ensure that everyone that owns a Gstove from earlier still can upgrade with GSTgear products.

We are designing and developing product only with GSTgear branding and provide unique serial numbers on our products so everyone can check and then we can guarantee that the products is designed, developed and manufactured under our high quality control to ensure everyone’s safety and that the products received is our quality products.

We are located at following adress:

GSTgear AS
Industriveien 3
3174 Revetal

GST Global AS
Industriveien 3
3174 Revetal