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Welcome to GSTgear

GSTgear is currently working on setting up a new production location, will be out of stock until this is finished. Check News for updates.

Production Update GSTgear

We are still working on setting up the new production location in europe and it is moving forward with the final stages and we soon will open up for purchase.
First products goes into production in august and will arrive us end of august.
It will be limited stock that gradually will be increased together with increasing capasity in production.
We have built in a feature in our webshop with automatic order handling if products is out of stock that will be activated when production is started to prevent a long wait for our products.

It works like this:
If a product runs out of stock, it will still be possible to purchase from running productions with delivery of maximum 4-6 weeks.
This effectivly is 4 weeks, the remaining 2 weeks is delivery to and from us and handling, quality control etc and usually takes shorter time.
If the productions within 4 weeks is sold out, our system will automatically deactivate the purchase button and it will not be possible to purchase in our webshop until a new production is finished within 4 weeks.
This ensures that we have a maximum of 4-6 weeks delivery time if out of stock.

Every sunday evening our system sends a automatic purchase to our production and we will have deliveries every week, if a production is not sold out on pre-orders, products will be availbale in stock, but we estimate that all productions will be sold out by pre-orders this season as we offer a limited amount this season of the GSTgear stoves and accessories as we scale up production capacity.

We also recommend checking out our retailer page to find the closest retailer to you with stock available.

Each delivery also include units for compensation orders and is separated from stock availability in production and when stock arrives for compensation orders, we start to contact customers on our list.

We are looking forward to finally release our products for you and expand both in accessories and different products of premium quality and unique features forward.