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Welcome to GSTgear

GSTgear is currently working on setting up a new production location, will be out of stock until this is finished. Check News for updates.

What is happening forward in GSTgear

Many are wondering why products is not available yet and regarding compensations so we will add a little more information on that progress and road forward and keep you updated here as we move forward.

As GSTgear and GST Global is new companies it starts with limited finances and agreements that takes time to build up and arrange and we appreciate the patience and all will get compensated, both those that have sent in documentation and those that have not when we are up and running for full with stock, but we need time on this.

This have been done the last months:

1. Planned and excecuted development of this new webshop and features that soon will be added.
The website we are currently using much time on adding products both live and not live yet so it is ready for when stock arrives.
2. Manufacturer agreements, locations, raw material pricing agreements, production machinery, and more to get new production location up and running is beeing worked on daily, tomorrow we are travelling again to meet up with manufacturer for more updates and work on solving the remaining issues that causes delays.
To set up a new manufacturer location  it is many aspects to take care off to ensure the quality and also production methods to prevent to high cost on the products as we as a new company can not manufacture in large scales like Gstove company did to start off with due to limited finances.
3. Planning for compensations and how we can do that since GSTgear and GST global never have been connected to Gstove company besides beeing the designers and trademark owner, and never received any orders or finances so it is no legal way of crediting orders that never exsisted but at the same time ensure that we can prevent Gstove customers to loose money and at the same time so all can receive the products when they are in stock. (Will come a seperated post on this topic forward as we get closer)
4. We in GSTgear use all finance on setting up production location and increasing stock to compensate and making product available as fast as possible.
We therefor have other jobs also and does not get paid by GSTgear company so we can solve compensations faster and build stock faster when production is up and running.
This makes it a little slower to reply emails but makes us move forward faster to ensure stock is available and new products can release faster at the same time as compensations to Gstove customers gets solved.
5. The manufacturer that Gstove company used we have recenly made agreements with and will deliver from them forward also, business customers can get stock from there now so you will see that more and more retailers showing up on our retailer page and they will have stock, so we recommend checking out our retailer pages while we work forward.

This happens forward:
1. Products will be added in this webshop, also to be released products that is close to release.
2. More information will be shared on this news and update page when we progress forward.
3. We are curently designing many more accessories for the Heat series and also the Fold Extreme stove.
4. Get productions up and running, solve the remaining machinery and production issues and also build finance to run own larger productions to get stock available for all that waiting for our products and we appreciate the patience, it will be worth the wait.
5. The GSTgear loyalty program will be finished and more info will come online on that also, this will be valid for all Gstove owners also.
6. Tents, packrafts and equipment products is pushed back as all finance is prioritized forward towards production, stock of stoves/accessories and compensations.
7. Social media accounts will be used and intergrated into this webshop.
8. Ambassadoors for GSTgear will be applied for to showcase our products and help us with feedback both from ambassador itself but also all the comments we read and see where we can improve, all feedback is always appreciated to make the best possible products we can.

Hope this post helps and we will come with more information forward.