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Explorer Tipi GSTgear

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Norwegian Design

Designed and developed in Norway

Premium Quality

Premium quality, made to last

Explorer Tipi GSTgear is a lightweight tipi intended for long trips in varied landscapes from forest to mountains.
With its low weight and small packing volume, it is easy to fit in the backpack, with this tipi you get more more comfort and spaciousness than a traditional tent, as well as the possibility of using a wood stove that extends the camping season to the whole year.

With the Explorer Tipi GSTgear you will also have more height than in a traditional tent, as well as 2 doors that you can enjoy the view even if the weather is bad outside, and at the same time have good comfort inside.
Comes standard with fireproof fabric for tent stove use, this you can easily cut to the desired diameter so that all stoves can be used.

Window / Exit to wood stove:
The explorer tipi has its own fireproof fabric that is attached with Velcro, this can be cut to fit exactly your pipe diameter so that any camping stove can be used in our lavvos.
If you do not want to use a stove, you can easily attach the included lid so that it is tight.
A separate rain protection has also been added above the window.

There are two airvents at the top with integrated support that are easily attached with velcro and keep the airvents open, these airvents have an integrated mosquito net so that insects is kept outside.

2 Doors
There are two doors on our tipis that can be rolled up and folded to the side, so you can enjoy the view sheltered from from wind and weather.
By having two doors, you get good ventilation on hot summer days, and if you have two inner tents (which also have two doors), each inner tent can have its own exit.
On the side where you use a wood stove, it is easier to open the door to stack wood behind the stove, this ensures that you do not have to pull in mud and debris.
The doors have 2 zippers so you easily can have some of the door in the top open to let out excess heat when cooking without having to have the whole door open.

Foldable Center Pole:
The center pole is divided into several parts, so it takes up little space in the backpack.
If you want less weight, you can easily use a stick instead when you arrive your destination.

16 removable guy ropes
16 guy ropes is included and are luminescent which makes it easy to see the tipi from a distance when illuminated towards the tipi.
When there is little wind, you do not need to use guy ropes, we have therefore chosen to make our ropes removable, this way they can be kept inside the bag instead of having to roll up and suddenly loosen and create clutter, but if there is wind, you can quickly and easily attach them with the included hook.

Storm skirt
Storm skirt to prevent wind or snow from entering the tipi, which thus also ensures increased comfort.

Actual size:
We state the actual size of the number of people, so even though similar sizes in other tipis can say that there is room for more, we have chosen to state the actual size as we recommend, we do this because we rather want it to be spacious and we have taken into account that each person brings a backpack and that there is also 1 tent stove on the trip.
Therefore, we have 2 sizes that are for 2 people and for 4 people, these you will feel comfortable in with our stated number of people.

Compact with low weight
Our tipis come in two sizes, our focus with The explorer series is that the products should be compact with low weight at a reasonable price.
Our tipi is no exception and takes up little space in the backpack or packraft.


GSTglobal AS

GST Global AS is a family owned company from Norway that design and develop unique quality products for use in the outdoors.

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